FRRR outlines Tumut Model

The Community Foundation acknowledges the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal’s ongoing support and encouragement of the Community Foundation sector across Australia.

FRRR has published on its website an outline of the Donation Models for funding community programs and the role of the Community Foundation for Tumut Region as the inaugural Community Foundation partnering a corporate donor implementing the ‘Donation Account’ model.

The extract below is from the FRRR website and is sourced from the 2011 CFTR acquittal to FRRR.

Donation Account partnership in practice

The Community Foundation for Tumut Region reports that the Visy partnership has made a tangible difference in their community, aiding capacity building and supporting some fantastic achievements by community groups.

From 2006 to 2011, this Donation Account partnership had some notable achievements:

  • Distributed $280,000 in Visy Community Grant funding across 97 projects
  • 178 applications were received, seeking $1 million in project funding
  • Each grant averaged $2,880
  • 80% of grants were below $4,999 but they ranged from $400 to $13,500
  • Supported 60 community organisations, few with DGR status

The depth and breadth of projects is truly impressive, as these examples attest:

Project Examples – 2006 to 2011


Batlow Art Projects

Now accepted as part of community with a literary club recently being formed

Movies by Moonlight

Now an annual community celebration in Adelong

Tumut & District Concert Band Instruments for Hire Project

Increased band numbers and the bandmaster from outside the area has just opened a music store in Tumut, with increased tutoring in schools across the region

Tumut Shire Youth Council – Youth in Philanthropy.

Managed two small grant rounds for youth projects

Murrurundi Puppets

Domestic violence project rolled out in all local primary schools. It immediately identified one case of domestic child abuse

Youth Council Music Jam

Supplying sound equipment for a monthly jam, leading to a performance at Youth Council’s Youth Week Party in the Park. A number of these performers were recorded at a local recording studio for the separate High School CD project, providing an alternative to participation in sport

Kiddylink Play Group

Increased participation in group from low income families and increased interaction with senior community members / volunteers

Annual Community Grant Celebration

Brings groups of successful recipients together to share stories, learn about what’s going on in community and develop networks e.g: established contacts for visits by Adelong Public School students to the Adelong Men’s Shed.

Source: CFTR Acquittal to FRRR – 2011

For more information about Community Foundations, FRRR Donation Accounts and the Tumut Model see the FRRR website.

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